Cataract is newly diagnosed. Told I would some day need removal, should I do it before my doctor retires?

No. You should not time your cataract surgery based on factors such as your doctor's retirement, insurance, or even the state of your health. Cataract should only be removed when you are bothered by the blurred vision it causes.
No. I would wait until you are having some level of difficulty with your vision before considering removal. If you cataracts are causing you any level of difficulty with your vision they you can consider surgery. Your doctor should be able to help you with this decision.
Depends if advanced. Not all cataracts require surgery. If best vision is worse than 20/40 or glare is significantly affecting VA, most surgeons prefer to do surgery sooner but depends on pt's sx, risk factors, preferences; also, though no guarantees with any surgery, many patients are less dependent on or free of glasses after surgery; clear lens removal also possible in some pts; more info: