I have glaucoma. Is it okay to take medical marijuana?

Good try. There are many more efficient and effective methods of treating glaucoma than pretending to use mj for medicinal purposes.
Sometimes. Medical marijuana in some individuals can lower the internal pressure of the eye. The substance, however, is federally illegal everywhere and the delivery system - smoking - is unreliable. The source also is uncertain with variable potency depending upon the source and purity. There is no risk to someone who has glaucoma, from smoking marijuana.
Medical Pot. In some states yes. You have to be supervised by a medical doctor who is licensed to prescribe & works with a specialized program with team of professionals.

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How effective is medical marijuana as a glaucoma treatment? I'm curious if medical marijuana can reduce intraocular pressure. Some of the drugs my doctor has prescribed for my glaucoma haven't worked that well. Is medical marijuana a good glaucoma treatme

Medical . Medical marijuana is becoming available in some states. I think the unknown is what "dose" is effective and how often the patient need to "take" it. It would be better to rely on more standard therapy. If eyedrops do not control the pressure then laser therapy is available. Read more...
No. It is the active ingredient of marijuana, thc, that lowers the pressure in the eye. In order for a glaucoma medication to be effective, it must lower the pressure all of the time. So for marijuana to be effective, you would have to high all of the time, even when asleep. Read more...