Does hashimoto's thyroiditis cause panic attacks?

Not to that extent. But the initial phase can be associated with mood swings and anxiety. With treatment and stability of thyroxine levels, you should expect gradual improvement (can take up to several months).
Very unlikely. Occasionally, hashimoto's can be associated with hyperthyroidism, called graves' disease, this can be associated with the typical symptoms of hyperthyroidism and can include anxiety and panic. This is particularly true in those with chronic stress and/or post traumatic stress where the adrenal glands may not be able to keep up with the combination of stress and hyperthyroidism.

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Can hashimoto's thyroiditis cause panic attacks?

Typically not direct. Hashimoto's will have a brief high thyroid state before the patient becomes low thyroid; when this brief period of too much thyroid hormone happens, the patient may be more agitated.Also if the patient's thyroid medication is appropriate replaced, panic attacks would not be associated with the disease directly; however any one with a chronic disease is more prone to anxiety including panic attacks. Read more...

Anyone familiar w/ hashimoto thyroiditis treatment?

Most PCPs and endo. Most internists and endocrinologists are familiar with the disorder. It is an autoimmune disorder that often leads to an under active thyroid. It is the most common cause of low thyroid hormone levels. There is no treatment for hashimotos per se, but the thyroid hormone levels can be kept normal with medication. Read more...