Can a regular echocardiogram detect an aortic dissection coming?

Not really . There is no test to tell u if u will develop dissection or not . Regular or trans-thoracic echo can detect dissection in the ascending part of the thoracic aorta but can't see other parts. Ct angiography, mra or trans-esophageal echo is better tests.
I doubt it. 2d echo can see the anatomy and function of the heart very well. It can measure the size of the proximal aorta and notice plaque and calcium along the aorta as well. Unless there is dissection known or actively occurring, i don't think echo can predict one coming.

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Can aortic dissection be detected using echocardiogram?

Transthoracic. echo good for ascending aortic aneuryms, but transesophageal echo is better, can be as good as a CT or MRI scan for ascending/descending aortic aneurysms. Read more...

How long would an normal echocardiogram be efective against aortic dissection. In other words would a normal echo rule out future dissection?

No, but... Sadly, no. An echo can only see the world as it is at that exact moment in time. Dissection can always occur later. That said, thoracic dissections are rarely both serious and asymptomatic, so if one started, odds are good that you'd know in a painful, let's go visit the er sort of way. Read more...