Can weightlifting cause aortic dissection?

Possibly. Any reason that cause sudden and severe increase in blood pressure should be avoided. Most of dissections have no etiology but in unusual diseases like marian syndrome u could be at risk.
Rarely. Only in very extreme instances when a person's blood pressure is raised extremely high while attempting very heavy lifts.

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How often does hypertensive emergency cause aortic dissection, rupture?

Not necessarily. Causative...However if the aorta is dilated a hypertensive emergency in that case would contribute to dissection.

When does hypertensive emergency, if untreated, cause aortic dissection, and ultimately, rupture?

No timeline. It depends on strength of aortic wall, level and history of hypertension, and many other factors. More commonly, hypertensive emergencies lead to stroke before aortic dissections but it certainly can cause either. I hope this helps!

How bad of a hypertensive emergency, if untreated, would cause aortic dissection?

Chronic and acute. It is usually an acute event in a chronically hypertensive patient or a patient with a chronic disease of the aorta like Marfan's disease. There is no absolute number but the higher the blood pressure multiplied by the time the blood pressure is elevated isthe most important parameter.
Variable. Hypertensive emergency can end up with hemorrhagic stroke, pulmonary edema, renal failure and other complications like possibly dissection but no accurate percentage can anyone predict.

Is aortic dissection always a result of this syndrome, or are there other causes?

No. Certain syndromes such as eds, marfan, and turner predispose to aortic dissection but many other causes exist. A bicuspid aortic valve and recent valve surgery increase the risk of aortic dissection. Aortic dissection also tends to run in families (even if those family members don't have Marfan or ehlers-danlos, or one of the other associated syndromes.
Marfan's syndrome? Aortic dissection can occur more commonly in patients with marfan's syndrome but can also occur in patients with hypertension, after trauma or with other connective tissue disorders.

What causes an aortic dissection and what can I do to prevent one from happening to myself or another person?

Rare to worry in you. 2-3 per 100K population is the occurrence. Mostly it happens in patients > 60 years and most commonly if hypertension is not well controlled. In young patients having collagen disorders, inflammatory disease, bicuspid aortic valve (2 cusps instead of 3), previous aortic valve or cardiac surgeries are some risk factors. Taruma, Cocaine and high intensity weight lifting are some other risk factors.
Not much. The leading causes are inherited: Marfan's Syndrome, Ehler's Danlos Syndrome (vascular type) and bicuspid aortic valve. The only thing you can do to avoid A.D. is to keep your BP under control. If you have a family hx of aortic dissection, undergo echo surveillance periodically as directed by your cardiologist. If you don't have family hx, your risk is low as this is a rare disease.
HTN and CVD. Most aortic dissections occur in people with poorly controlled blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Rarely they occur to people with connective tissue disorders or congenital cardiac abnormalities. Prevention is best. Do not smoke, keep blood pressure well controlled, regular exercise, and a healthy diet will serve you well, and get checked often if there is presence of the disease in family.

Granmother died of MI in 1980's in her late 50's early 60's. If she had an aortic dissection would MI still be stated as cause or would it be specific?

Cause of death. In many cases, a death certification or other determination of cause of death is a best guess. For example, if a patient had chest pain followed by sudden death at home, and there was not diagnostic testing or autopsy, myocardial infarction might be the likely & assumed COD. But pulmonary embolism or aortic dissection or a malignant arrhythmia might present with a similar history.

Does repeat dengue fever (hemorrhagic) cause vascular damage leading to initiating aortic dissection?

No. There is no association between dengue fever and vascular damage. While uncomfortable, df is generally not fatal and recovery is complete. There is no association with aortic aneurysm or dissection.

Mom has aortic valve leakage, & a-fib. Chronic cough, moving pain started under lft arm. Could the cough caused aortic dissection? The moving scares her

No. The most important risk factors for aortic dissection are systemic hypertension and a history of atherosclerosis. Atrial fibrillation and mild aortic insufficiency are not risk factors. Aortic valve replacement is, though. Intense weightlifting may cause it, due to an increase in blood pressure. The onset of pain is usually very abrupt, severe, and has a tearing or ripping quality to it.
No. There is nothing that she can do to cause an aortic dissection, except to ignore very elevated blood pressures. A dissection occurs as a result of uncontrolled hypertension, and not because of a particular common activity, like coughing. Tell me to rest assure, but the arm pain is of concern, and if persists she needs to be seen by a physician.