Is vitamin K good or bad for people that have clogged vessels and need angioplasty?

Likely to help. Besides playing a key role in forming blood clots, vitamin k plays a crucial role in calcium metabolism, directing calcium into our bones and preventing it from depositing in our arteries & soft tissues. Vit k has been shown to prevent atherosclerosis & has the potential to reverse it, though more research is needed to confirm this. See www. Newswithviews. Com/howenstine/james67.Htm.

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Can vitamin K good or bad for people that have small vessels and need angioplasty?

Indifferent. Vitamin k in necessary for the coagulation cascade but most arterial clots are mediated through platelet interaction. Medications like Aspirin and Plavix (clopidogrel) work to inhibit platelet function and are often prescribed after stents. Vitamin k can inhibit medications like warfarin (coumadin) and should be avoided if you take these medications as it counteracts the medication's treatment of other clots.
Neither. Vitamin k levels should not have any effect on angioplasty results.