Had a brain aneurysm clipped last month; I'm having trouble with my scar it aches and stays sore?

Give it a few months. Scars take 6-12 months to mature. The healing process involves inflammation and that irritates the skin but allows for healing. It is a balance to dont irritate the wound more that you have to. It may help to keep it covered from the sun if you can, use sunscreen and keep it moisturized. Good luck.

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Been having pain for a week now in my head mostly on the left side sometimes on the right side. Sharp pain came & went? Sore to touch. Brain aneurysm?

Many possibilities. Headache in general has many causes, most of which are not serious. Given that there is 'soreness to the touch', there is a low probability of a brain aneurysm causing the headache. If it persists or worsens, consult a local doctor.