What is a nodular goiter?

Thyroid with masses. Goiter usually means an enlarged thyroid gland, but can also refer a normal-sized gland with nodules or masses within it. Thyroid nodules are areas within the gland that stick out from the gland and can be felt when pressing on the neck, or may be areas that appear different from the normal gland on imaging tests like ultrasound or cat scans.
Large thyroid. Goiter just means large thyroid, some of which contain nodules. Ultrasound is the best way to evaluate with needle biopsy for all nodules > 10 mm. Also get tsh, free T4 and free T3 (liothyronine) to see how it works and anti thyroid peroxidase and anti thyroglobulin levels to see if hashimoto's thyroiditis.

Related Questions

Can women with toxi nodular goiter not get pregnant?

Fertility. Hyperthyroidism will sometimes impair fertility. Once the hyperthyroidism is controlled with medications, fertility should be restored.

I have 25*14 mm sized cold multi nodular goiter which is benign as per investigation reports. Should I go for surgical treatment?

Nodular goiter. I would not worry about a nodular goiter if the thyroid blood levels are OK and you are not really troubled by slightly enlarged thyroid nodules. That said, if your doctor recommends thyroid surgery you will be referred to a thyroid surgeon who will tell you what needs to be done or what is not necessary to be done, at least for now.

I have a multi nodular goiter with 3 benign nodules. 2 4cm nodules on left & 1 2.5cm on right. Goiter pushed trachea to the right. Md rec thyroidectomy. Goiter isn't bothering me. What happens if I don't remove it?

Risks vs benefits. Masses this big will not shrink in time. You hope they will stay the same but they could also grow in the future. They are already causing trachea deviation. In cases like this I usually recommend surgery but you need to be comfortable with your decision. At the very least, follow these masses closely. Good luck.

Could there be a direct relationship between a growing multi-nodular goiter and increase of severe cramping that may be "return" of endometriosis.

Goiter. The sever cramps are unlikely to be related to your thyroid but does need attention. A multinodular goiter general results in thyroid surgery. At the very least you should see a thyroid surgeon.

Thyroid gland hyper functioning nodule right lobe multi nodular goiter. What does this all mean?

Multinodular goiter. Hi. Your hyper-functioning nodule is producing thyroid hormone without pituitary regulation. Since you have multiple nodules, chances are they're all overproducing thyroid hormone (aka "hot" nodules). Your radio-iodine scan will tell. Any "cold" nodule of certain size will need to be evaluated to make sure it's not cancer (you may not have any cold nodules). Treatment with 131-Iodine is easy.

Pathology cytology report of Left thyroid biopsy says NO malignant cells... changes suggestive of Colloid nodule/ nodular Goiter. What's next?

Goiter. You need to discuss the possible need for removal of the colloid nodule/nodular goiter with your doctor and a surgical specialist. Hope all goes well.
MNG + cyst. Hello ~ this is a nodule in MNG (multi-nodular goitre). Previously thought to have no risk of Ca and DOMINANT nodule to have 1% risk and solitary nodule 10% risk. Retrospective studies now show up to 13.7% risk of cancer overall in MNG. Thats high. I would see a surgeon to discuss if this warrants thyroidectomy. Thanks.

I have multi nodular goiter, over the past 2 days I've had a stabbing pain in left ear along with pain in the left side of my throat. Is it related?

Not likely. You probably have a throat irritation (like reflux) or infection (pharyngitis). There is a nerve in your throat which has branches in the ear. When that nerve in your throat is inflamed you can get ear pain. Multi modular goitered are rarely the cause of such complaints and one should look elsewhere for the cause of these symptoms.