What causes swollen ankles with redness around the ankles and lower legs?

Vascular Disease. This is caused by poor circulation and vascular disease and should be seen by a physican for evaluation.
Venous stasis. Venous stasis associated with edema is very common, especially once many reach late middle-age. The veins and their valves allow blood to pool in the lower extremities, often creating the swelling and skin color changes.

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Help docs! I'm trying to find out what causes swollen ankles with redness around the ankle area and lower legs?

Many reasons. Venous insufficiency, side effects of medication, hypertension, kidney issues, etc see your primary care doctor.
Swelling. As said, there many reasons for this. See your family doc for assistance.

I have been getting a mild temperature and pain in my lower legs with swollen ankles for the past 3-4 months. I have sickness, tiredness and have no appetite. What should I do?

Not sure. Fairly irregular to have ankle swelling with symptoms of a virus. Try elevation above heart and suggest getting it checked if not better within 48 hrs.
Infection/arthritis? You could have an infection of some type, including lyme disease from deer tick bite. You may have an arthritis disease (there are many types of systemic arthritis). I would first make list of all symptoms and family history and make an appointment with your primary care physician. Your pcp will probably want blood work and x-rays and from there will develop some possible diagnoses and treatments.
See below. You need see your primary for a workup. With the swollen ankles---if your legs are swollen as well and urine is frothy/soap sudsy---this could be a sign of kidney disease which can be due to a variety of causes. Please see your doctor soon.

Woke up with red spots on lower legs, have varicose veins, swollen ankles, and take high blood pressure meds?

Doctor. Consider seeing a doctor for a check up as it is important to make sure it's not an infectious reason.
Need to be examined. With your history we can not tell you what caused the red spots and it needs to be examined by your doctor so make an appointment and see your doctor.

My mother is overweight. She has swollen ankles, feet and legs. Very painful. Red with sores. Has had fever and chills. Any suggestions?

Evaluation now. These symptoms could have serious causes including cellulitis (infection), circulatory problems, even heart failure. She needs to be evaluated today. The fever is particularly concerning. Please take her to her doctor, an Urgent Care Center or Emergency Room as soon as possible. Good luck!

I have swollen ankles pain around ankles up back of legs red raised lumps 2, on each knee sore to touch turn to bruise next day vericous veins?

Have it looked at. A sprain injury can result in redness, bruising, swelling, pain, and possibly instability of the involved area. An x-ray will be able to assist in differentiating a sprain form a fracture. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.