What does venous insufficiency mean anyways and what outlook for me?

Valves malfunction. Venous stasis is due to venous insufficiency which is a result of the valves in the venous system malfunctioning. This can be due to the valves in the deep system, superficial system or connecting system. Deep system valve malfunction could be due to prior clots, superficial problems could lead to varicose veins and perforator malfunction could lead to venous ulcers.
Vein pooling. Veins return blood to the heart. Cvi occurs when there is reduced flow or pooling in leg veins, causing leg swelling, inflammation, & ulceration. The most common cause is when the one-way valves don't work well, leading to venous reflux, or back flow, with blood pooling in the veins. This can result from genetic predisposition, pregnancy, injuries or blood clots. See a vein specialist for help.
Veins not working. Drs. Zimmet and gotvald's explanations of venous insufficiency are excellent. You need an ultrasound examination with a vein specialist and to see where any underlying venous disease and insufficiency exists. Then it can be treated. In the mean time, putting your feet up, taking nsaids, and wearing compression stockings can help your symptoms. The good news: your outlook is very good.
Venous Insufficiency. Venous insufficiency usually involves the leg veins. It is a condition in which the valves of the leg veins stop functioning properly to carry venous blood. This leads to a "back-up" of blood in the legs that leads to ciruclation problems. It can lead to swelling, pain, and varicose veins as well as venous ulcers. It can be treated with compression stockings or vein treatments. Outlook good.
Venous stasis. The issue is one of vein hypertension, due to the impeded flow of blood returning to the heart, especially in the legs. This is due to incompetent valves in the veins. With increased blood pooling in the legs comes 'heavier' legs, swelling, pain from swelling, pitting in the skin, leakage of fluid and blood into the tissues, leakage of the fluid onto the skin causing maceration and destruction...