Has anyone ever heard of venous stasis, what I can do?

Venous stasis. Venous insufficiency can be controlled medically with compression and some simple preventive measures. Venous insufficiency, if deemed severe enough due to complications (like ulcerations), can be treated with surgery. Even with surgery, complete correction, from the pure sense of the word, is not the correct language. You would still have compression stockings recommended after the procedure.
Venous stasis. This is secondary to venous leakage most likely due to vein reflux disease. As a result blood seeps under the skin as hemosiderin deposit the end product of blood and leads to the pigmentation and brown discoloration Sometimes it may occur even with normal veins.
Venous insufficiency. Lying down and putting your feet up higher than your heart helps. Compression is essential but you might need 30-40 mm hg stockings. The easiest way to do this is usually to wear prescription graduated compression stockings or circaids. If you can take anti-inflammatory medicine, that can help too. The thing though is to see a vein specialist and treat your underlying venous insufficiency.
No worries. Venous stasis is very common and almost never life threatening or even limb threatening. It occurs most commonly when the valves of the leg veins breakdown and no longer prevent blood from traveling with gravity all the way to the feet. Compression stockings are the mainstay of therapy and can prevent more serious complications such as ulcerations if used consistently.
Vein hypertension. Venous stasis is a condition of skin changes which is due to an abnormality in venous return caused by valve problems that allow blood from deep high-pressure veins to enter the low-pressure veins just under the skin. These veins become enlarged, letting fluid go through their walls creating swelling, letting blood go through their walls creating discoloration and finally having so much back pressure that nutritious arterial blood cannot enter an area of the skin. This results in ulcers. It is treated by removing the areas of abnormal flow using laser ablation.