Any advice welcome treating leg ulcers with manuka honey?

Honey. Honey has had a resurgence in treatment of ulcerations. However if there is no underlying vein reflux problem that needs to be addressed, as without that the ulceration will either take a long time to heal, or may not heal. Use of compression stockings is also very beneficial in trying to heal the ulceration. Unna boot placement has also had benefit in management.
Leg ulcers. Manuka honey is just one of 4000+ products that are available to treat wounds. No one product is the end all in wound care. It can be effective in certain wounds when other products have not worked or when a wound stalls in the healing process.
Yes but... Wound care requires multi-discipline input for proper wound healing. A honey dressing is one small aspect of the entire picture. There are multiple modalities and multiple strategies to get a wound closed but it takes a knowledgeable well trained specialist to know when to implement the appropriate treatment during the course of wound healing similar to a conductor leading an orchestra.
Honey. There are many treatments and wound care products available today. Ulcers must be thoroughly evaluated and diagnosed before any therapy is selected. Medical grade honey is one available optn. Edema management is a priority, as well as infection control.