How do you treat a deep vein thrombosis if also having high blood pressure?

No differently. The use of blood thinners is usually required when treated a dvt, and having high blood pressure shouldn't affect this, especially if the high blood pressure is under control!
Treat both. Hypertension should not alter the treatment plan for dvt. Systemic anticoagulation for 3-6 months is a minimum recomendation, and dont forget the compression stockings to prevent post-phlebitic syndrome.

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What can you do to treat a deep vein thrombosis while also having high blood pressure?

Dvt. With anti coagulation therapy. Thrombolysis is also an option depending on patient and location. If these are contraindicated an filter might be placed. Htn is not contraindications for anticoagulation. Read more...

What other autoimmune diseases, besides antiphospholipid syndrome, cause deep vein thrombosis & increased coagulation of blood?

Lupus. Systemic lupus erythematosus is a rather common one that results in thrombophilia. Other tests that we typically order to test for a propensity to clotting include: protein c, protein s deficiencies, Antithrombin iii deficiency, factor v leiden mutation, prothrombin gene g20210 mutation, in addition to lupus anticoagulant and antiphospholipid antibodies. Consult your physician. Read more...