What is intermittent claudication, and what can reverse it?

Leg pain. It is leg pain that occurs with walking, and relieved by rest. It is intermittent in that rest alleviates the discomfort. If is due to poor circulation to the leg muscles. This distinguishes intermittent claudication from neurogenic claudication (from narrowing around the nerves in the low back, that is stenosis).
Ic. IC is pain in a muscle group brought on by a fixed amount of exercise promptly relieved by rest. Blood flow is adequate to meet resting, not exercise needs. Stop smoking, start a walking exercise program, control atherosclerotic risk factors like BP, diabetes, lipids. One can try Pletal or Trental (pentoxifylline) to improve walking distance. This should be done before intervention such as surgery/angioplasty.
Exertional leg pain. Claudication is characterized by pain in the leg muscles. It is caused by blockages in leg arteries depriving the blood supply needed for activities like walking. Resting, or stopping, relieves the pain because less oxygen is needed at rest.