Doctors please advise. Is it ok to press your carotid to ck pulse if you have carotid artery disease?

Ok but. There is truly no association between pressing on the carotid artery and increase risk of stroke in my opinion except if the patient has more than fifty percent stenosis and he is symptomatic because in this special situation the plaque in the carotid artery can be friable and pressing on it can cause another attack.
Usually not. Routinely, if you have carotid artery disease, you dont want to manipulate the area and dislodge plaques that may cause problem to ur brain like stroke. However, if you pass out and have no obvious pulse, your doctor may press on your neck or your groin to check pulse regardless of your underlying disease.

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Pulse in my head. Is this indicative of carotid artery disease?

No. Carotid artery disease usually become symptomatic when an embolus or clot goes to the brain and cause stroke or mini stroke . Hearing pulse in the head does not indicate the presence or absence of disease. Read more...
Could be... Sensing or even hearing a pulse or "whooshing" noise in your head is not a common sign of carotid artery disease - but I have seen it. It could also be a sign of a vascular malformation or fistula near the inner ear. It also could be a sign of high blood pressure. Get it checked out. Read more...