Will I ovulate while on femara (letrozole)?

Most likely. Femara is the brand name for the drug letrozole, which is an aromatase inhibitor. This kind of drug blocks production of estrogen, making the body think it should create a surge of hormones like those that prompt ovulation. Letrozole is sometimes used in women being treated for infertility to induce ovulation. In post-menopausal women, ovulation will not occur, and Letrozole has other uses.
Femara (letrozole) ovulation. Gemara can actually cause ovulation in pre-menopausal women who are trying to get pregnant. It is used to treat estrogen receptor positive breast cancer in post-menopausal women.

Related Questions

How does femara (letrozole) improve the quality of ovulation in women who ovulate on their own?

Multiples. That drug can induce the release of multiple eggs with the ovulatory cycle. If more than one egg is released then the chance of fertilization is somewhat increased. The is also the slight inherent risk that more than on egg will be fertilized resulting in a twin pregnancy.

How does femara (letrozole) improve fertility in women who already ovulate on their own?

Maybe. In women who ovulate Femara (letrozole) appears to increase the chances of getting pregnant to a lesser degree than if the woman does not ovulate. It is an aromatase inhibitor and as such decreases the production of Estrogen by the ovaries with increase in FSH and developing multiple follicles with the release of multiple eggs.
Improve ovulation. Femara (letrozole) may improve the quality of your ovulation if you ovulate on your own already. It depends. This is something you need to discuss in detail with the doctor who may be prescribing it for you.

I was on femara (letrozole) from 5 to 9 day and got two positive ovulation test 9 days apart. Am confused?

Hmmm... That does sound strange! If you have not had menses when expected then take a pregnancy test. Ovulation induction medications do tend to lengthen the cycle.

Will I get a period after taking femara (letrozole) even if I don ovulate?

No. You must ovulate (even on Femara) to have a period, if you do not ovulate your period will not start spontaneously. Good wishes.

Is it good to have intercourse every day after taking femara, (letrozole) still I don't know when I ovulate?

Its not bad. Get an ovulation indicator kit or chart basal body temps.
Reasonable. This is a reasonable approach if you are not being monitored. If your doctor is monitoring you with ultrasound they can better focus on when you should be trying.
Yes. ;-) All kidding aside, you have to be having sex to get pregnant. You are probably using a routine 5-day course of Femara (letrozole), (letrozole) and will probably ovulate (if it makes you ovulate) 7-14 days after the Femara (letrozole) ends. So do your due diligence!