I'm on day 4 of my first round of femara (letrozole) and I'm having some very light bleeding. Is this normal?

Femara (letrozole) How is your menstrual cycle? Did you get chemo prior to the femara (letrozole)? If you still have regular period prior to the femara (letrozole)- then perhaps your very light bleeding could be your period. You are just starting on femara (letrozole)- I do not think that is due to the femara (letrozole). However, if this is abnormal for you -then you should go to your gyne and check it out. Good luck.
Femara (letrozole) Vaginal bleeding is not a usual side effect, and there are many others listed. But it may be something less serious, such as bleeding from a urinary tract infection, or vaginal infection. Please call your physician, discuss this side effect, and follow up for tests as prescribed.