Can decongestants and antihistamines be taken with antibiotics for your sinus infection?

Yes. Decongestants can be of some benefit but antihistamines in the face of infection can make sinus infections harder to treat by making your mucous thicker.

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I have a severe sinus infection am takin amoxicillan a decongestant and ibprofen for the swellin should I also take an antihistamin?

It depends. Only take an antihistamine if you are sure you have allergy symptoms during this time of year. Taking an antihistamine when you don't need it will cause your nose and sinuses to dry out too much. This could make your sinus symptoms worse.

I have a sinus infection. Been taking an antihistamine and decongestant. Why does my nose feel like I sore red cheyenne pepper? What can I do to stop

You may. Need topical antibiotics eg neosporin ointment or Bacitracin and apply to the sores in your nose three times a day for about 5-7 days. This should heal up the wound / sores inside your nose and feel good as new! If no better, schedule to see your doctor or ear, nose throat specialist.
Antibiotics. If you truly have a sinus infection, then you will need an antibiotic. Infection causes inflammation of the nasal tissue and thus the soreness and antihistamine/decongestant does nothing for an infection. Some times saline nasal irrigation may help but probably not in your case. See your doctor.

Could u have a sinus infection? Have thick yellowish brown sputum coming out my nose and when I cough is it an infection. Decongestants not helping

Sounds like a. Sinus infection. Try hydration, nasal irrigation, pain medicine as needed, and continue the decongestants. Viral infections should clear up, bacterial infections or super infections may require a course of antibiotics.

I'm currently on 4 antihistamines for chronic uritcaria. I have a sinus infection is there anything I can take to relieve symptoms?

Antihistamines. Won't treat sinus "infection", if bacterial infection, whether acute or chronic, antibiotics would be indicated, if it is viral, other measures as saline nasal washes, decongestants, or other meds may be needed. Kindly see your doctor for evaluation.

Is it safe to take an antihistamine and a decongestant everyday to help combat chronic sinus infections?

In general, yes. Improving nasal function will decrease the incidence and severity of sinusitis. If you are allergic and congested then a combination of an antihistamine decongestant can be of help. So can intranasal steroids and other measures. If you have recurrent infections an allergy evaluation and a good ENT evaluation can be of great benefit.
Not for infections. If you have sinus infections these agents are not antibiotics. The may reduce secretions and dry upyour sinuses but will not kill bacteria. See your physician if infections are suspected.