I have asthma, rhinitis and sinusitis; are there any herbal remedies to unblock sinuses?

Try Sinupret . I have a patient who swears sinupret works wonderfully well for her. It is supposed to be all herbal. I have tried to look up the ingredients to see if there are known decongestants in them, and i can't find any, but it contains elder, which is traditionally thought to have some benefits for respiratory symptoms. It has a derivative of quercetin in it. I think it would be ok to try it.
None that work. People with allergic rhinitis should be wary of herbal remedies; they are derived from plants, and the manufacturers don't do any studies to ensure that people with pollen allergies won't react to their supplements. For more info, http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=d2bhs-jiy78.
Saline rinses. Non drug treatments include saline washes, taking a hot shower, or using stream (carefully!). Herbal drugs like ephedra work, but are very risky.