Will my long term inhaled steroid asthma medicine (qvar) interfere with general anesthesia?

No, take your med. Qvar is being prescribed to help control the inflammation in your bronchi so you will be less susceptible to wheezing when challenged. Surgery and anesthesia are challenges. Therefore, you really need to stay on your medication regularly so you will have the easiest time when you are recovering. You should take it every day, even the morning of surgery. Get an asthma checkup before anesthesia.
Not really. The use of the steroid asthma medication should be made clear to your anesthesiologist. If you have become dependent upon steroids (long term use) you might need a supplementary dose during the operation. However, the medication itself should not cause any problems.
Should Not. This is very little is any data that an inhaled steroid would effect anesthesia. If anything asthma that is not well controlled would effect undergoing general anesthesia.

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Would long term use of asthma inhaled steroid cause blue sclera?

Probably not. Blue sclera is associated with osteogenesis imperfecta (oi). The underlying deficiency in oi is a defective type i collagen. Because this doesn't form correctly the sclera ends up being thinner than normal. This makes it easier to see the underlying tissue. Chronic inhaled corticosteroids is associated with other eye diseases such as cataracts, and glaucoma. It is always a good idea to get check. Read more...