Will estrogen cause hair loss?

No. The opposite is actually true. Estrogen is actually beneficial for your hair. Female allopecia is multifactorial and not nearly as straight forward as androgenic allopecia seen in "male" pattern balding due to the effects of 5 Alpha reductase.

Related Questions

I keep reading that excessive drinking can raise estrogen levels in a woman and in turn cause hair loss, is this accurate?

Really. Metabolism of alcohol does not directly affect steroid hormone production or metabolism; alcohol consumption that leads to weight gain "may" increase estradiol levels somewhat. Elevated estrogen levels in NO way cause hair loss. Hope this helps you!

Can high estrogen or testosterone be causing my hair loss or my thyroid?

No effect E2 on Hair. High Estrogens do not cause hair loss. Testosterone and its going to DHT (dihydroT) goes to the male hormone receptor in the hair follicle and usually increases to normal hair loss of 100-150 hairs a day.
Hair loss. Changes in hormone levels may be associated with hair loss but you have not mentioned whether your various hormone levels are normal, high, or low. If you have that info feel free to share it with me and we can look at what is happening. A simpler approach would be to see your family physician. Your choice.
See a dermatologist. Bring with you all pills, vitamins, etc. Bring copies of any blood tests. Low estrogen, high testosterone, low thyroid, and 629 other things may be affecting your hair.

Does too much or too little testosterone lead to hair loss for males? Or is it an imbalance of estrogen

Myth. Too little testosterone is why eunuchs and klinefelter XXY men don't get hair loss. "too much testosterone" is part of the male condition from age 13-109; most of us are maxed-out. Forget the "estrogen imbalance" tripe from the internet. Masculine hair loss is genetically programmed and generally correlates with your much chest hair you're blessed with. Meds, surgery, or stay fit to look great.

What could a CRP of 4.8 and positive ANA w/speckled pattern mean? My thyroid is fine. I do have hair loss and mid upper back pain. Estrogen is low?

Lab tests. These values are meaningless in the absence of a full history and physical examination. A positive ANA with a speckled pattern is very non-specific unless the titer is >1:80, and then only if accompanied by other findings. We have discussed your hair loss and low serum estrogen previously.

Up middle bk pain. Low estrogen. High CRP. Ana + 1:160 speckled. Thyroid good. All labs good. No HIV or hep. Hair loss all cat scans good. Cancer?

Autoimmune problem. You need to have evaluation to rule out autoimmune problems - like lupus, etc. Ds dna and other autoimmune panel needs to be done and you may need to see a rheumatologist.
Autoimmune. Musculoskeletal pain with elevated inflammatory (CRP) and autoimmune markers does not suggest cancer. It suggests an inflammatory or autoimmune disease. Presumably someone ordered these tests? What is the follow up on them?