What is the best cure for eczema on and around the eyelids, besides hydrocortisone cream?

Calcineurin Agents. Calcineurin inhibitors are often prescribed as an alternative to topical corticosteroids or when other treatments have failed or lead to unwanted side effects. Unlike topical corticosteroids, topical calcineurin inhibitors do not thin the skin and can be applied to sensitive areas, such as the face and eyelids, where corticosteroids are avoided.
Allergy? Also helps to use vaseline or aquaphor to help moisturize around the eyes. Need to stop cosmetic or other products being used around the eyes until the rash resolves. Possibly may involve allergic reaction to a cosmetic or eye product.

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My 4 month son having eczema gp prescribed fatty cream and hydrocortisone cream till when I used hydrocortisone it healed after stopping flair up agai?

Pretty common. Fatty (moisturizing) cream must be applied often, and also you may need to change the baby's feeding if he is on formula, to hypoallergenic formula, or if breast fed, adjust your own diet. Read more...

Hydrocortisone cream is over two years out of date still okay to use on eyelid?

Maybe ok. The potency of a medication is often dependent on how it has been stored (usually cool and shady area) . If the appearance looks ok ,you may try it although it may be slightly less potent. Be careful about using cortisone cream on your eyelids. Obviously the more recent the product is manufactured the more trust one has in it. However for a topical product, I see little harm in trying it. Read more...