My bee sting from a honey bee is itchy and swollen? What would be signs of infection?

Pus/abscess. If see pus or absces formation then the bee sting site is getting infected. You may need antibiotics.
Early redness ; Swelling may be a normal reaction to a bee sting. However if the area continues to swell, has red streaks, pustulent drainage, becomes more tender ; painful rather than less tender and painful - then it may be infected and would require evaluation.

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My daughter got stung by a honey bee on her chest yesterday and its still red and really swollen. This her secound bee sting what does it mean?

Bee sting. A bee sting area often appears red and swollen. Applying ice and Hydrocortisone cream may help improve the area. If the area worsens or fever develops, or difficulty breathing develops, it requires immediate medical attention.
Degrees of response. The unspoken question appears to be is this a bad bee sting reaction & how much do you need to worry. This is normal localized reaction & deserves good wound care. It is not considered the scary type of bee sting reaction where she would suddenly quit breathing. Discuss your concerns with your doc & this can always be investigated by a local allergist if you have more concerns.