What is the cd4/cd8 ratio?

Simple calculation. It is the ratio between the number of cd4+ lymphocytes and cd8+ lymphocytes in the body of the person being tested.

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What would tcells 83% cd4/cd8 ratio of 6.5, Nk 2%, polytypic bcells 15% mean? I've been having abnormal blood work so they completed a flow cytometry.

Not that much. cannot say in your particular case, but generally, there's a lot of variability in these. BUT in HIV or other immunosuppression, the T cell count is low and the CD4 ratio is LOW.. below 2 not above 5. BUT the polytypia, the elevated counts all imply an ongoing chronic infection such as TB, chronic viral infection (non-HIV) syphillis, lyme, etc. Read more...

What do you suggest if my cd4/cd8 ratio is 3.27 and the reference range is 0.54 - 2.97.?

Can be normal. Why was the test run? The ration you quote is for 95 out of 100 people (95% confidence limits). So you are a little out of that range. In some autoimmune diseases, (where the immune system acts against the body), the ratio may be even higher. It is the opposite of what happens in AIDS.If you have no disease to go with the test, forget about it. Read more...