How do I stop a chronic cough without any more bronchodilators?

Diagnosis... Your cough needs to be diagnosed by your doctor. Besides chronic bronchospasm, chronic cough can be caused by gerd, post-nasal drip or a combination of factors. All of these have different treatments, besides bronchodilators, so see your doctor for re-evaluation.
Use controller drugs. If by chronic cough you mean asthma then respiratory specialists want you to use bronchodilators (bd) as little as needed. Not because they're dangerous (they're not) but because their frequent use means that asthma isn't controlled. When bd use exceeds 2x/week it's time to add an inhaled corticosteroid or leukotriene receptor antagonist. You'll be amazed how bd use decreases on these medications.

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I have chronic cough. I'm under cough meds which includes bronchodilator mucolytic. But every time I take it I cough a bit more and its ineffective.

>1 possibilities. (1) your cough may not be from asthma (2)Sometimes one may cough more after a bronchodilator because it opens up the clogged airways and allows the mucus to come out. (It may also mobilize the hair-like structures in the airways to move the mucus up). On the other hand, if you have chronic asthma, regular use of bronchodilators without an inhaled steroid will likely make your asthma worse. Read more...