Is there any preventive measures to avoid pollen allergy besides allergy shots?

Allergic rhinitis. Staying inside the house during pollen season seems like the best answer. But that's not practical. So , in addition to wearing a mask, do not forget to clean your outer clothes, accessories and shoes before getting back in your house to prevent pollen from being trapped inside the house. Taking a shower will help remove pollen adhering to your skin. Antihistamines plus nasal steroids will help.

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Can you have pollen allergy shots during pollen allergy season? Or is having the shots on top of high pollen counts outside too much for your body?

Can be done. Allergy shots during your problem season can definitely put you at risk for more severe reactions but the risk is minimal and continuing immunotherapy is recommended even during high pollen counts. Talk to your Allergist for more details about risks/benefits. Read more...

How can I prevent a bad pollen allergy?

Avoid triggers. There are four steps to minimizing a bad allergic reaction to anything. First, educate yourself about the problems and treatments. Second, avoid the cause as much as possible. Third, use medications preventatively to reduce the immune reaction. Fourth, if available, consider allergen immunotherapy to also reduce the immune reaction. Read more...