How to stop the redness and roughness in atopic dermatitis eyelids?

Short term steroids. Short bursts of topical steroid treatments may help, but be sure to get your iop monitored by your eyemd to avoid a steroid responsive spike in eye pressure.

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How to stop the wrinkliess in atopic dermatitis eyelids?

Dermatology creams. Question probably better addressed by a dermatologist than an ophthalmologist. Likely suggestions would be moisturizing skin creams, or perhaps a mild otc steroid cream like Hydrocortisone 1%. Be cautious using steroid creams around the eyes, as even small amounts getting into the eyes over long periods can cause cataracts and glaucoma. Have frequent, routine eye exams. Read more...

My 3 months old girl has skin allergy. Have red rashes on somr partfs of body. Dr. Said its Atopic Dermatitis. Whats the cure for this? Pls advise

Can be controlled. if the diagnosis is truly atopic dermatitis, "asthma of the skin", it can be controlled, by moisturising the skin, avoiding triggers, and at times need for some prescription medications, keep following up with your doctor/allergist, and your baby girl will eventually outgrow it, goodluck. Read more...