What are effective home remedies for atopic dermatitis?

Moisturize!!!! Moisturizing is the most important treatment for dry skin. Olive oil, aloe vera, baby oil. All are okay find a moisturizer that you like best and moisturize often.

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I'm looking for herbal remedy for atopic dermatitis without side effects?

Doesn't exist. Many people believe that "herbal" means "safe" and "no side effects", and manufacturers encourage that myth. But many substances, such as poison ivy, are "herbal", and you don't want them anywhere near their skin. Furthermore, the product with no possible side effects, herbal or not, does not exist. Don't waste your money on "no side effect" remedies; they don't work, and do have side effects. Read more...

What are home remedies for atopic dermatitis? Oatmeal baths?

ATOPIC DERMATITIS. Eczematoid skin lesions appear mostly on cubital and popliteal areas after exposure to allergens. Itchiness and eczema disappears with steroid cream rx. Read more...