Are allergy shots more effective as allergy pill treatments?

Yes. They work better, work systemically, give long term symptom control, and reduce the risk of asthma and further sensitizations.
Not sure. Because no head to head trials have been published but so far they look fairly equivalent for certain allergens, particularly grass pollen. Subcutaenous immunotherapy is fda approved but oral is not, so keep that in mind.

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Does this treatment exist or work? Allergy shots for cat allergies?

Yes. Allergy immunotherapy is about 80% effective. So like most medicines, it works on most people. There are also some individuals, like with any medication, that cat allergy vaccine is not effecdtive.Cat. Read more...

Have you had success with alternative allergy treatments instead of antihistamines and allergy shots?

Natural . Consider saline nasal rises such as neilmed that you can get at any pharmacy without a prescription to remove nasal allergies but also using a otc med such as naph con a. Read more...