How does desensitization therapy and allergy shots work on people with allergies?

Mechanism. It changes the regulating mechanism of the immune system to lower the specific types of ige antibodies and raising the igg4 antibodies. Allergy patient usually (90%) have too much ige antibodies which combine with the allergic protein and after bridging on a mast cell, a chemical reaction is produced resulting in your symptoms.

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Does this treatment exist or work? Allergy shots for cat allergies?

Yes. Allergy immunotherapy is about 80% effective. So like most medicines, it works on most people. There are also some individuals, like with any medication, that cat allergy vaccine is not effecdtive. Cat.

Has anyone become immuned to having a shellfish allergy after doing allergy shots? Is that treatment available?

Not currently. This is not currently an fda-approved treatment of shellfish allergy. But there are some current clinical trials looking at desensitization protocols for food allergies.