Have you ever taken allergy shots for eczema rashes?

Good question..yes. Most patients with atopic dermatitis or eczema, have regular nasal allergies, and many have asthma as well. Allergists prescribe immunotherapy for those conditions, and often the atopic dermatitis improves. There have been less studies on immunotherapy for atopic dermatitis than for the other two conditions, so the proof that it works isn't quite as strong. It doesn't usually hurt to try, carefully.
Not specifically. Allergy shots are not indicated for treating eczema however when a person starts allergy shots for their nasal symptoms often they will remark that their eczema has been better controlled as well.

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When healthtap doctor says, allergy shots could work for eczema, is that mean atopic dermatitis is also treatable? Are they similar terms?

ATOPIC DERMATITIS. Atopic dermatitis is allergic in origin manifested by eczema or other itchy rashes located in the cubital and popliteal areas, recurrent in nature unless allergen is discovered. The allergy shots are given to desensitized the patient. Read more...