I have an allergic skin rash. Can hay fever give rashes?

Usually not. "hay fever" refers to the sneezing, itching and nasal congestion of allergic reactions to pollens, most commonly to the weed pollens and molds that are common during the time of year that hay is being harvested. Only in the most exquisitely allergic do these reactions cause rashes. Allergic rashes are very difficult to diagnose; see an allergist or dermatologist for help with this.
Possible. While other symptoms of hay fever are traced to breathing pollens and other allergens, hay fever can often be traced to allergens coming in direct contact with the skin. If you are working in the yard, for instance, you may be touching various pollens in flowers or plants. Have it evaluated by your doctor.
No. Hay fever is more of alleric rhinitis.Pt have sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, but alllergic skin rash present with a rash that pt is allergic to-canbe from foods, lotion or anything that come to contact.

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What can I treat an allergic skin rash with? It must be allergic because I don't have a cold or fever?

Depends. Treatment depends on the severity of the rash-size, number, areas for medication.You need to see a doctor to get evaluation.There is otc topial steroids, ut may be too mild-may help if area is small and mild rash. Read more...

Hi there, today I visited my local nurse who diagnosed me with a viral rash, however I am not sick. I just have slight hay fever symptoms. Help!

Monitor and be well. There are many causes of rash. Some are viral, some are bacterial, some are allergic, and many are of unclear cause. My strong advice to you is to monitor the rash. If it gets worse or if you develop other symptoms like fever and pain, you should see a doctor. If the rash does not go away and you still don't have symptoms, you should see a dermatologist. Read more...

Rash treateated as hay fever no improvement treated 4 days later as dermatits. Started on breast area spread to under arms now moving to hip area and?

Sounds infectious. Hay fever is not a skin problem - it's a nose and eye problem. Rashes that spread may be an infection - possibly bacterial - perhaps mrsa. You should make arrangements to see your health care professional or a medical doctor. Read more...