How do I treat allergic contact dermatitis on my vulva?

DERMATITIS. Contact dermatitis on your genitals can be cured with steroid cream application 2x a day.

Related Questions

Can you get allergic contact dermatitis of the vulva?

Yes. You can get allergic contact dermatitis of any part of the body; the vulva is not exempt. Common contactants affecting that area include perfumes, cleansers, lubricants, spermicidal gels, and vinyl (which many condoms are made out of).
Yes. Contact dermatitis is very common. Soaps, detergents, fabric softeners, panty liners, etc. All can cause irritation. Many patients think they have a yeast infection when in fact they are allergic to one of the above items. As a side note, alway brand products seem to have a higher incident of contact allergy.

How could I treat allergic contact dermatitis on my face?

Avoidance. If you are reacting to something you are putting on your face, stop. It is difficult for many females to stop using their cosmetics, completely, until the skin heals up. Otc Hydrocortisone cream is helpful in speeding up the healing process and is safe for short term use, but ultimately avoidance is the only cure.
Contact Dermatitis. Could be your makeup. The answer is to avoid the trigger as well as to use a mild topical steroid cream to calm down the inflammation.

How can I treat allergic contact dermatitis on my face without making it look worse?

Time & less is more. Avoid all cosmetics, and know allergens. See a dermatologist to find out what you are allergic to and what to avoid in personal products that come into contact with your skin. Use products that are hypoallergenic and very mild to moisturize and sooth the skin. Dermatologist might prescribe medications to help lessen the symptoms. Time will allow the skin to heal.

What eyeshadow can I use with allergic contact dermatitis on my lids?

Find the cause. It is best to be tested. A "patch test" with multiple chemicals in cosmetics. Then avoid the ones with the one you are sensitive an allergist or a dermatologist can test you. Remove all chemicals from around eyes, hands and finger nails. Wait till the rash resolves. Use one eye shadow and then wait 3 days. If no rash develops then you know that one is safe. Remember this is a delayed reaction.

What is a NATURAL treatment for allergic contact dermatitis on my eyelid? It's from old eyeliner, not using anymore. I got steroids from doc

You can... You can try moisturizing cream or baby oil. Organic coconut oil which can help with inflammation as well. Make sure this is applied on the eyelid and protect your eyes from external creams.

Could I have allergic contact dermatitis from my cat scratches?

Yes. Cats allergy can cause both immediate and delayed reactions. Contact dermatitis is often a delayed allergic reaction and can be treated with both antihistamines and noninflammatory creams.

What are the complications of allergic contact dermatitis?

Usually nothing. Allergic contact dermatitis is a reaction, typically to chemicals which come in contact with the skin. A classic example is poison ivy. If you don't take care of the rash, it will itch, you scratch it and run the risk of spreading the rash and causing a secondary infection. That can result in permanent scarring.
None if treated. Once the trigger for acd is identified, it is important to avoid contact with it. In cases in which the allergen is not avoided (e.g., a machinist who reacts to cutting fluid, but can't find another job), the constant inflammation in the skin leads to worsening skin breakdown, infections of the skin, permanent scarring, and side effects of the meds needed to try to control it.