Can acquired immunodeficiency syndrome from swimming at the same time as other aids patients in the pool?

No. Hiv is not transmitted casually, and the virus, even if somehow entered the water, which is highly unlikely, would be rapidly killed, and even if not, would need some portal of entry into the other person - either directly to their blood or an open lesion. All virtually impossible.

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Which immune cells are most often attacked in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome?

CD4 T helper cells. The CD4 t helper cells are reduced by HIV infection. The virus that causes aids also infects macrophage cells but the reduction in t helper cells is the most important indicator of HIV disease progression towards aids.

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome preventable yet?

Safe sex. Safe sex, avoiding illicit drug use, and universal precautions for healthcare workers can prevent most cases of hiv.

Besides HIV what leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome?

Synonymous. Aids is caused by HIV infection. You can become immuno-suppressed by other conditions and illnesses, but the term is generally used to mean the result of HIV infection, although not everybody with HIV infection will have aids, .

Besides HIV what can lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome?

None. There are other diseases that cause immunodeficiency, but only hiv-1 and hiv-2 infection cause aids.
Secondary immunodef. As dr. Gallant explains, only hiv-1 and hiv-2 cause aids. If you are asking what other causes are there for other aquired immune deficiencies besides hiv/aids, then there are several. A new one was just reported this week from an nih team. Sometimes these are called "other secondary immunodeficiency" rather than "other acquired immunodeficiency syndromes (aids)". See an immunologist.

Is there anything besides HIV that leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome?

No. For all practical purposes the answer is no, but there are other means of depleting the CD4 count, some of which are of unknown source. They can produce a similar result as hiv, and we can do this as well with some of the drugs used to treat a variety of illnesses in medical practice. But when we talk about immunodeficiency syndrome we are almost always talking about HIV disease.