Does endometriosis affect fertility?

YES! Endometriosis affects many aspects of fertility. In many women endometriosis causes ovarian cysts, causes damage to fallopian tubes, causes inflammation of the uterus, and may decrease the ability of the sperm to get inside the egg (fertilization). Even with fertility treatments women with endometriosis have lower pregnancy rates so it is something to see a fertility specialist about sooner.

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Does endometriosis always affect your fertility? I'm only 20 and would like to have children at some point, am I better doing this soon

No. Approximately 40-45% of women with infertility problems have endometriosis. However many woman conceive with endometriosis, and after surgical or medical treatment. The goal of tx is to preserve your reproductive organs w/out damage to increase success of conceiving, also helping with the pain. Don't jump into trying to conceive until your emotionally , financially prepared to have children. Read more...