Is there a way to get rid of my dog allergy symptoms?

4 steps. 1. Avoidance of dogs and dog hair, 2. Clean dogs weekly, use HEPA filters in home and in vacuum inserts, get dog out of bedroom, 3. Medications (like over the counter anthistamines and steroid nose sprays), and 4. Allergy shots if none of the above help. See an allergist.
Avoidance, meds, . And allergy shots, usually in that order. Wash the dog regularly, keep it out of your bedroom, consider getting a hepa filter for the bedroom. If you have eye or nasal symptoms, try an otc antihistamine like cetirizine. If these steps don't work or if you have breathing difficulties, you need to see an allergist.

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How do I get rid of a dog allergy?

Either the dog. Needs to go or you need to start allergy shots to get rid of it. That's different compared to treating ur allergies. Read more...