I had to cardiologist say I have aortic stenosis one says moderate and other says moderate to severe should I see a another cardiologist?

SEMANTICS. Aortic stenosis (valve narrowing) can be a serious heart condition eventually causing heart failure, syncope (passing out) or angina (chest pain). If you have 'moderate or mod.-severe' is just semantics (word choice). The most important parameters for aortic stenosis are valve area and gradient. When valve area diminishes to <1 cm2 or gradient >50 mmhg then valve replacement-may be in future.
Probably not. The most important factor is, are you symptomatic? If you have any symptoms, surgical intervention is recommended. Other parameters to look at are the mean gradient > 40 , velocity > 4 m/s, and aortic valve area <1 cm2. It must followed closely.
Probably not. To be honest, the third may call it "moderately severe". The real question is what does it mean to you? Symptoms, limitations, surgery? Those terms are not really specific descriptions of your disease. Was one of the cardiologists a second opinion, or were both just members of a large group?
Valve area/gradient? What is the valve area?What is your body surface area? What is the valve gradient? Is it tricuspid or bicuspid? If bicuspid what is the diameter of the ascending aorta? Is there concomitant coronary artery disease? Is there a hypotensive response to excersise?Do you have marfan's, ehlers-danlos or another collagen disease?Unless you know these answers i can not give a professional opinion. Thanks!