I'm 3 months pregnant is it ok if I feel my baby at the way bottom near my ovaries? It hurts when I feel that.

Like a full bladder. Your baby is sitting in your uterus which is behind you bladder. It is the beginning of feeling like you have a full bladder all the time. You have ligaments that are starting to get stretched out and you are getting a little crowded in there. Enjoy becoming more aware of all the little (and big) changes coming your way. It is an amazing experience so let your OB know your worries.
Maybe. The most important thing to know is where the baby is. If you have already had an ultrasound in the pregnancy that showed the baby inside the uterus, then that's good. If not, one should be done to make sure it is not an ectopic. Then you should see your doctor to make sure there is a heartbeat. If this is ok as well, then pain at 3 months could be stretching pains.