What do you think about primal/paleo diets?

Love Them. If you don't have any major medical problems, or you have been told by your doc that it's ok for you to start this kind of diet, I believe they work great. The medical community is starting to realize that our belief that carbs are an essential part of our diets is not entirely correct. I have personally lost 40 lbs on this type of diet, and feel great. Blood sugar and cholesterol have improved.
Can be beneficial. Paleolithic diet reflects the life of paleolithic (stone age) forager- hunters. The assertion is that man's body has not acclimatized to diets that are heavily impacted by industrialization ; crop cultivation. Diet incorporates meats, fish, fruits, nuts ; vegetables w attempts to avoid processed ; junk foods as well grains. Paleolithic lifestyle also incorporates frequent, varied exercise, use of.