I have dysplasia. Latest colpo said flat wart. Doctor said that means dysplasia but I think she's lying. Warts scare me more than cancer is she a liar?

Not a lie. Speak to the DR. Tests will be done to identify the TYPE of wart. Some are associated with cancer of cervix, some are not. You will be treated and followed to prevent cancer of cervix or vulva. They are not separate issues.
Who's done this? You deserve better than this. You have acne scars but are only on two topical agents. You have high cholesterol without listing how it's managed. You've probably never seen what untreated cancer does to people. I suspect that many people have lied to you in the past, but it's not your physician this time. Most flat warts have some dysplasia. Please -- find someone wise & good who you can trust.
Trust. For a doctor to be effective s/he needs to have a good rapport with the patient. If you think that your doctor is lying, irrespective of the facts, you need to find a new physician you can trust. You owe it to yourself and your doctor. Trust in your doctor is an important part of a healing relationship.
Probably not a liar. Dysplasia is a malformation or abnormal development of a cell, a wart , wich usually occurs after an infection by the human papilloma virus can cause dysplasia or premalignant changes.