7 weeks of mid back pain. As the day progresses, the pain is almost gone but when I first wake up in the morning the stiffness is terrible. Ideas?

Morning back pain. This pattern somes very much like either degenerative arthritis (the normal wear-and-tear arthritis that we all get or a more unusual condition called ankylosing spondylitis. Also worth checking the firmness of your mattress. For help in sorting it out, see a doctor and consider an x-ray.
Check it out. Morning stiffness that may last for hours, is sign for arthritis, be sure to check it out, it could be osteoarthritis or could be rheumatoid arthritis.
Muscoligamentous/ Sound like you have a musculoligamentou sprain/strain. Would recommend stretching exercises and an otc NSAID, such as aleve (naproxen). If your symptoms persist then you should see your family physician.

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I have severe mid back pain and stiffness. I feel the pain radiate above my lungs. Help!

Consider. Visiting a chiropractor. There you will receive x-rays of your back, and treatment. They will refer you to a medical doctor if you require medication or further work up beyond an mri. And they are relatively inexpensive compared to the medical community. You can walk in bent, and walk out straight. Ya, that's what I would do.

3 weeks Of mid back pain only after sleeping for 4-5 hours, once awake walking around about 30 min goes away. Any ideas?

Back pain. Probably related to how you sleep in bed. May also be because you need a new mattress. With history of breast cancer, if a bone metastasis, the pain should also be apparent during the day and gradually worsening. If the latter is true and midline, you'd need a MRI of spine.

Under extreme stress. A gastritis attack has begun. Belching, bloat, mid back pain, rumbling stomach. Omeprazole causes me diarreah. Ideas?

IBS. You might have a condition called irritable bowel syndrome and not gastritis. It is a benign condition associated with anxiety or stress. Usually high fiber and medication will help to alleviate most of the symptoms. Medications like Bentyl, Librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) or Levsin are commonly used to treat this condition.

Had myelogram this a.M. Now have excruciating mid-back pain, never had pain there before. Hard to walk. No fluid leak or headache. Any ideas?

Let doctor know. Mid back pain may be procedure related, ' hard to walk ' may be added neurological sign for any compression, let your doctor know about this immediately, may call you for evaluation.
Notify your Dr. Based on your complaints, it would be wise to notify your dr. And get checked out.

Having mid-back pain to right of spine for hours after eating. Hida scan and gb ultrasound=normal. Ejection fraction=91%. Any ideas about the cause?

UGI with follow thru. An UGI study using contrast with a small bowel follow through may add some info. B sure u r cing an upper GI specialist.
Possibly not gb. Most symptoms related to gall bladder occur in right upper quadrant of the abdomen. Your symptoms sound like other portions of the gastrointestinal tract may be involved, endoscopy, blood tests, and other imaging testing will examine large bowel and small bowel for possible contribution to your symptoms.