Does a smoldering appendix exist? Had a doctor tell me last week that he did not believe in it. I've had lower right side abdom. Pain for 7 months..

It is possible. During residency many years ago, the chief of surgery talked about folks that had a smoldering appendix. He felt that folks that started to have appendicitis, for any number of reasons...Improved ( sort of like diverticulitis that strikes off and on for years...After all the appendix if felt by many to just be a "bigger diverticula" of sorts.
Very, very rare. Appendicitis usually manifests itself as an acute episode of pain that, left untreated, will lead to rupture within 3-4 days of onset. Once in a blue moon we will see someone who has had a smoldering process yet they will always have some evidence of inflammation of the appendix on ct scan. If you have had a ct and it is normal, i would search for other causes of this pain.