Left hip hurts, its sore on side of my hip into my s.I. Joint. It hurts to turn my leg feels like a strain and pain just above knee on the outside?

Hip bursitis. This is trochanter bursitis. The good news is this is not the hip joint exercise, physical therapy can be very helpful here. Sometimes we need to do injections.
Other possibilities. In addition to the bursitis mentioned above, also consider a problem with the muscles/tendons that attach near that same location. Tears and tendinosis can occur there, similar to the rotator cuff in the shoulder. Rehab is still important either way. Certain problems like this also develop related to spinal problems, so I would recommend evaluation with a physiatrist/sports medicine specialist.
Bursa/joint/nerve? The location suggests bursitis, irritation over the bony bump on the upper femur. Age and activities might favor other diagnoses such as: hip arthritis, sacroiliac arthritis, nerve pinched in back. Local application of heat along with cautious use of an anti-inflammatory medication like Aleve (naproxen) or advil may help. Increased pain, trouble walking warrant a doctor visit.