What is the best calcium supplement for acute osteoporosis?

Calcium and Vit D. If osteoporosis is severe you should be on medication ie bisphosphonate (ie fosomax, forteo. Calcium with vit d is good supplementation. Should have your calcium level checked by urinylsis and d3 level by blood testing. Your primary care physician should be able to advise you.
What you tolerate. Most calcium supplements in the market are in the form of carbonate or citrate. For majority of us, either one is ok. You should stick to what you can afford and tolerate in the longer term. Except for patients who are with chronic kidney disease, those with chronic gastrointestinal issues, taking antacids or medication to reduce gastric acidity would be better off taking calcium citrate.

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I have kidney stone and osteoporosis what calcium supplement I s best if any?

two are okay. Calcium citrate and calcium lactate. Both ultimately could increase citrate in urine which is a good thing. But need to have 24 hour urine follow up to make sure calcium excretion in urine is not substantial. Read more...
Need workup. occurrence of kidney stones, needs evaluation to find out the underlying etiology, likely primary hyperparathyroidism, hypercalciuria etc.

Recommendations will depend upon findings of the investigation.
Recommend evaluation by endocrinologist.

If a person has osteoporosis due to severe vit d deficiency will calcium supplement helps to increase bone density?

Osteoporosis. If your doctor has not recommended calcium along with vitamin D you might need a doctor who knows a bit more about osteoporosis. Together these meds will help control your bone health but you might also need osteoporosis medicine. Please call the International Society for Clinical Densitometry at 860-259-1000. They will point you in the right direction. Read more...