Skin rash lower leg itching and like pimples in small area and also up calf. But spread out - more on one leg than other?

Skin Rash Leg/itchin. It is very difficult to say exactly what it can be for sure without looking at the rash.But from description it seems you have some kind of contact dermatitis of allergic type as it is only limited to one leg. You should see your doctor to have it diagnosed and treated properly as it may be fungus or some other infection causing the rash.

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Rash. Lower leg. Started as small knot under the skin/ turned into 3 pinkish bumps. Itches. Haven't scratched. Now 6 inch area. Skin looks very burned?

Rash. This may have been an insect bite with an allergic response or an area of contact dermatitis from something that touched your skin. Apply cortisone cream, but if redness spreads and burning persists, an infection of the skin(cellulitis) may be present and requires antibiotic treatment(pills and cream). Your physician will advise you. Read more...

Son suffers from anxiety severe sunburn and blistery rashes from sun canker soars fatigue joint pain and now leg itching resulting in rash. Lupus?

Need more history. in that the above information is insufficient to make a specific diagnosis. How much sun exposure? Is son fair or olive skin? One joint or multiple? Injury or none? Appearance of rash, possible contact or exposure, history of eczema, etc. If chronic and feeling fatigued, start with a physical by your doctor and blood tests may be helpful. Read more...