Why does the foot doctor keep answering questions that aren't podiatry related with "not a podiatry? See your doctor"?

Foot doctors. Many foot doctors can answer general medical questions and questions that relate to foot and ankle problems. However, if there is a specific question that is out of the Podiatrist's scope, he or she will refer you to ask another speciality or refer you to your Primary Physician. I hope that helps you with your query. At Healthtap we all try to give you the best answer or direct you to get one.
I think they thought. They would only get questions in their specialty.......when we get all questions....
Doctors. They don't have to. They read the question & give advise as to who to consult for that specific problem.
Don't read them. You can ignore them and don't read them. Simple.
Good question. Looks like he is trying to create the impression that he is answering a lot of questions. Flag his responses as off topic.
Maybe he. Doesn't quite know how to work the site. It is a work in progress on their end and our end so patience is needed. I answer plenty of questions that aren't Podiatry related because I know the answers to certain questions pertaining to travel, health, and diet. In some cases, I know more about that than foot problems. "See your doctor, not podiatry" is a bit of a lame way to answer a question though.