Will a leg ulcer heal if im on my feet for 10 hours a day?

See vein specialist. Leg ulcers are often caused by chronic venous insufficiency which is a problem that causes to much pressure to be in the veins near the skin. A venous specialist can diagnose and treat this condition. Wear compression stockings to minimize the standing effect.
Not without treatmen. First determine what is causing the ulcer. Is it diabetic related or caused from venous disease or is it arterial or any combination. Basically being on your feet 10 hours daily is not going to help.Multilayer compression dressing is gold standard for venous ulceration and certain diabetic ulcers bit could be dangerous if there is an arterial problem. Please get the correct diagnosis first.
Unna boot. Go see a clinic that deals with venous stasis ulcers. You need an unna boot.