Does fibroids on your uterus effect when you ovulate?

No. Fibroids don't affect when you ovulate. They may affect the severity of your menstral bleeding.
Fibroids & ovulation. Fibroids are benign growths of the uterine muscle. They do not effect the ovary or its ability to ovulate.

Related Questions

I have two fibroids on my uterus I haven't had a period in almost A year and I my first period two days ago so does that mean I'm ovulating or will there ever be a chance of me having kids?

Infertility/Fibroids. You have two major problems with conception if this is your first period in one year. The first, a lack of ovulation, and secondly the fibroids potential to inhibit implantation. You need to see a Fertility GYN MD soon if you are serous about conception in the next year as you are now age 37 and spontaneous ovulation is declining rapidly along with your ovarian reserve for egg production.

I have irregular periods and I also have a submucosal fibroid that is 3mm but it change the shape of my uterus. How do I know when I'm ovulating?

Irregular Periods. The fibroid has nothing to do with your irregular periods or ovulation. You are very likely not ovulating at all with your irregularity. You need to be evaluated by your doctor to get your periods regulated and on medications to help you ovulate.
Tough call. It will be difficult to know for sure when you are ovulating when you are unsure of when to expect it with the irregular periods. You can still try taking your temperature daily with a basal body thermometer every morning and looking for a slight increase the day or two after ovulation and/or using at home ovulation kits frequently or frequent blood progesterone testing or ultrasounds.