Having pain in lower right ab, nause, barely eating, pain in right side back. Ultrasound done- no cyst but appendix aread looked inflamed. Dr sent me to ER but CT scan normal and bloodwork normal but had a little blood in urine. On antibiotics for 3 days

Follow up for help . Hi. I answered your questions last week. My comments are no longer visible, but i hope that you received the answers of many of us doctors at healthtap. It appears that most said the same thing: 1. It is appropriate to call the original doctor if the condition does not improve or worsens, 2. Going back to an er is a consideration in case of emergency, 3. Following instructions is important @drpam.
Go back to ER. You should go back to er now. Tell the doc there about your symptoms and sonogram result. You should have a ct scan repeated. They will have a surgeon to examine you and make sure you dont have appendicitis. Sometimes, ct scan can't see the appendix . If clinical setting fits with appendicitis- an exploratory laparoscopy would be needed. Go to er now.
Kidney stone? There is definitely something going on. Are you on anbiotics for a specific diagnosis? Your symptoms are suggestive of kidney stone. Pain from a gynecologic source isn't ruled out. See your doctor for follow up soon.