I'm burping continiouslyand im pregnant and im having shortness of breath?

May be normal. The intestines slow down during pregnancy and you get more gas. Bloating, burping and passing gas are common in pregnancy. Shortness of breath normally occurs in the third trimester from the uterus decreasing the amount of lung expansion that occurs when you breathe. If earlier in pregnancy though, you might get checked for other lung or heart problems.

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Shortness of breath in pregnancy and frequent burping?

Common. Common during pregnancy. You need more oxygen during pregnancy and the body adapts to this. Also as the growing baby/uterus pushes against your diaphragm (muscle of breathing) your breathing might feel more labored. Burping occurs because the hormones in your body relax the muscles of the GI tract, causing more gas and bloating resulting in frequent burping. Both reverse after delivery. Read more...